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My Business Matches (MBM) is a Veteran-Owned cloud based global business matchmaking solution that allows hosts to create Engagement portals, or conduct business matchmaking events. You control how matches are conducted and can schedule one-on-one or one-to-many meetings (virtually and/or in person), as well as track any business relationships that emerge. We have been used in over 100 countries, over 1.2 million users, and tracked over $15 billion in contracts awarded.

Our Vision

Our vision is to the be the preferred global leader in business matchmaking, by connecting people through continuous innovation and fanatic customer service which will impact all economic, civic, procurement, and business development objectives of our clients.

Key Facts

My Business Matches™ (MBM) was established in 2012, San Antonio Texas

My Business Matches is Global. We have executed events in over 50 countries and been utilized in over 100 countries

Certified Veteran/Hispanic Owned

Headquartered in San Antonio with 15 employees

MBM has been utilized in over 2,000 U.S. Cities and 27 States

We currently have over 2,000,000 million global registered diverse companies who are using our platform

Our Services

We Believe in Human to Human

Business meetings at an event or virtually. Through our tool, clients host business matchmaking events where buyers and sellers sit within two feet of each other and carry out business. Also, the platform allows hosts to execute virtual matchmaking events where companies sit with ten thousand miles between them. The virtual component is seamless and does not require hardware or software installation. It allows users to share documents and communicate via video, text or voice.

Full Engagement Services

Offer a variety of services to help manage your event:

  • Registration
  • Payment Integration
  • Onsite Support,
  • Workshops
  • One-on-One Meetings
  • Event Statistics
  • Market Research

We Track Business Relationships

Results that emerge after the event, including:

  • The number of follow-up meetings that transpired
  • How many partnerships were created
  • How many contracts were awarded
  • The dollar amount of each awarded contract
  • The number of jobs created due to new partnerships or contracts

Mobile Application

Use the mobile application that has the same capabilities as the online My Business Matches solution.

Event Management

  • Meeting
  • Conferences & Trade Shows
  • Resource Development
  • Complete Project Management
  • Information Systems and Services
  • Communications & Public Relations

Event/Meeting Facilitation

  • Complete event tracking, scheduling & synchronization
  • IT Support & Analysis
  • Complete Meeting & Conference planning and support
  • Public and Private Sector Meeting & event facilitation services

Payment Integration

  • Customized Event Websites & Apps
  • Advanced Programs & Integrations
  • Security & Contract Support
  • Strategic Meeting Management
  • Workflow & Policy Management

Stake Holder Outreach

  • Community relations and outreach
  • Program coordination
  • Plan, execute and manage all stages of key messaging and identify appropriate communication
  • Contract Intra-organizational

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