MBM 1000 Chamber Initiative | My Business Matches

My business Matches’ mission is to connect the right buyer with the most procurement ready vendor. We understand that Chambers are what drive business in America as well as globally. We also understand that Chambers advance economies by providing invaluable information to small and mid sized businesses as well as corporates by educating, preparing, and connect businesses so they can ultimately close deals, create jobs and thus stimulate the economy. Chambers run on limited resources, and the vetting of procurement ready business can be tedious and complex. Business matchmaking events become just another networking event because they don’t have the proper tools to connect the right vendor with the right opportunity.

We have worked with hundreds of chambers globally and understand that with the right tool, they can connect their members to the right opportunity but not just in their region but globally. My business Matches is committed to providing this matchmaking solution to over 1000 chambers at under the fraction of the cost and will provide training on how to conduct a much more focused match between their members and opportunities. We have tracked over 15 Billion dollars in contracts awarded to companies using the MBM tool.

The following are guidelines to the MBM 1000 Chamber Initiative:

  • A Chamber of Commerce is an organization of businesses whose goal is to further the interests of businesses. Business owners in towns and cities form these local societies to advocate on behalf of the business community.
  • A chamber cannot represent other chambers to use the discount.
  • A chamber must be at least 6 months in existence


Benefits of the MBM 1000 Chamber Initiative

If selected for the program, the following will apply:

  • Chamber shall pay a reduced licensing fee to utilize the MBM platform.
  • Any customization above and beyond the basic features will be charged at the regular price.
  • The following MBM Features will apply for this program:


Front End / Admin

Front End

  • YourName.mybusinessmatches.com 
  • One registration form that will accept buyer, vendors, general participants.

Buyer Platform

  • Buyers have access to a matchmaking dashboard
  • Ability to access Matches
  • Ability to schedule one-on-one meetings with vendors
  • Access to Vendor Directory to see all vendors registered
  • Access to view vendor Profile

Vendor Platform

  • Vendors have access to a matchmaking dashboard
  • Ability to access matches
  • Ability to schedule one-on-one meetings with buyers
  • Access to Vendor Directory to see all other vendors registered
  • Access to view Buyer profile
  • Vendors have access to chat with each other using “Let’s Connect”

Admin Access

  • Ability to view all registered buyers and vendors
  • Ability to view meetings at a glance
  • Ability to view buyer and vendor profiles
  • Ability to force match buyers to vendors
  • Ability to post messages for buyers and vendors
  • Ability to schedule meetings on behalf of buyer/vendor
  • Ability to pull comprehensive basic reports for buyers and vendors
  • Ability to print out buyer and vendor schedules
  • Customize link with branding, including: logo, video, and content (to be provided by client)