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Create your custom event by selecting your preferred features, you may select as many as desired.


As a host, you have access to customize the meeting length, assign locations, cap meetings allotted, and include luncheons and breaks in the schedule. Additionally, you can decide how meetings will be confirmed including the options for immediate confirmation or meeting request. With the adaptability of our solution, matching can be based off any set requirements by the host.

Is there a fee for your event/portal? Integrating our shopping cart feature will allow your constituents to pay for the assigned fees while registering.

MBM customizes your portal to your look and feel, integrating your organizations approved branding. Include logos for sponsors, agendas, banners, custom FAQ’s, and any detailed information you’d like your participants to access.

MBM can be the “one-stop-shop” for your full conference registration including:

  • Payment integration
  • Ability to include sessions and workshops in personalized agendas
  • Event Management to run entire conference


MBM’s solution allows for participants to register in the corresponding role that applies to them specifically. General roles are Buyer and Vendor, but have capability to add any specific type of role for your event/portal.

Vendors have the options to build their own custom profile by answering custom questions such as company details including:

  • Socioeconomic category
  • Revenue
  • Past Performance
  • Quality Certifications

Vendors can view the compatibility score generated by the Buyer requirements and the basic Buyer profiles as well as, allowing them to make the most of their time and schedule quality meetings.

Buying entities can build a profile that reflects the services they are interested in, post upcoming or current business opportunities, and as well as answer custom questions at the host request. Additionally, Buyers can host activity sessions/workshops and include details for the session such as name, title, and presentation details.

Buyers also have the options to view the compatibility score generated by the matching Vendor and review their profiles before confirming appointments with them. This allows the buyer to “get to know” the organization they are meeting with before hand.

MBM has the capability to include General Attendee registration. General Attendees are participants that are not going to be conducting or attending meetings and sessions. The General Attendee registration form is simple and fast to complete, capturing data such as company details, attendee information, and any additional questions the host wish to include.


MBM allows participants to schedule one-on-one meetings or one-to-many meetings. Matches are generated by Host requirements and filtered through the “My Meeting Maker” where participants can only see the “match.” They can confirm meeting times on the spot or send meeting request, depending on host guidelines. All confirmed meetings will appear in the final schedule.

Allow your participants to meet with other participants during the conference in different times and locations aside from the matchmaker. This is different from your basic “Buyer” to “Vendor” meetings.

Want to add more than just “matchmaking meetings” to a schedule? The system has the capability to schedule Learning Sessions, Workshops, and Luncheons allowing the user to build and control their own schedule.

You want all of your participants to be able to schedule meetings with each other without meeting specifications? We offer a solution that can be utilized specifically for setting up general meetings during an event.

Compatibility Scoring

Make a better connection! Empower your buyers and vendors to make better connections by generating a Compatibility Score based on buyer opportunity requirements and vendor profile information.

Buyers will have access to post current or upcoming opportunities and include specific attributes to these opportunities. In turn, when Vendors build their profile, they will answer questions connected to the requirements such as socioeconomic status, annual revenue, and quality certifications.

The CSM module is customizable. Questions can be adjusted/altered to reflect the Host preference. Not all events are different, create your own CSM requirements for your participants.

My Business Matches is first to market with this type of capability, be unique and offer this option to your participants. Better meetings means better results!

Additional Features and Options

Have staff on site to execute the matchmaking portion of the event.

A Project Manager will be designed to you for specific number of hours a week (depending on your package) to provide you with support/answer questions.

A Project Manager will be assigned to oversee your event from beginning to end. Assist in providing reports, event statuses, and can travel to support on-site (at additional cost).

Your event technical support questions will be received to a specific inbox designated solely for support for your event. (i.e.

Have your own custom URL for your event. Most of the events are set as – brand this URL your liking (i.e.

Need a specific module? We can create it. You are allotted specific hours of programming (depending on the level of customization for your package) at a fee of $210.00 and hour that you are allowed to use to better your event/portal.

Are your meetings spread out a location versus just in one room? The Custom Location will allow your participants to choose where they would like to meet.

Your custom event/portal can be created in multiple languages to reflect the primary language spoken for your participants.

E-blast will be sent to the relevant portion of the MBM database. We will identify the type of participants you are seeking and target them with an invitation to your event. If you don’t have a specific need in companies, we will e-blast based off the location of the event to target local small businesses.

We will customize a Web Based application that will allow your participants to view their schedule, check in, and provide feedback and rate their meetings.

Post Event

Following up post event offers the solution to track the business results that emerge from the initial meetings. During the event, we provide feedback surveys for all participants to fill out (via mobile app or paper option if necessary) after each meeting. Through that feedback, we conduct follow ups after 30, 60, 90, & 180 days’ post event. The tracking timeline can be adjusted to reflect host preference. With this successful module we have tracked over $15 billion dollars in closed contracts!

Your project manager will provide you with a detailed breakdown of event/portal analytics such as:

  • Vendor profile break downs in graph format
  • Buyer participant details
  • Buyer and Vendor break down by location
  • Meeting survey details
  • Testimonials

Translation Services

Our main focus is the quality for each of our projects. The translations that we handle are in different areas such as: corporate, legal, migratory documents, instruction manuals, web pages, blog management, newsletters, spell checking, among others.

Our main focus is the quality for each of our projects. The translations that we handle are in different areas such as: corporate, legal, migratory documents, instruction manuals, web pages, blog management, newsletters, spell checking, among others.

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