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My Business Matches (MBM) is a certified Veteran-Owned Business. MBM's cloud based solutions provides the necessary tools to facilitate a successful matchmaking event. This solution collects and analyzes market information about small business capabilities to satisfy procurement needs.  MBM has recently launched 24/7/365 matchmaking. This provides Government/Organizations with the opportunity to connect with vendors that meet the requirements. 

"Thank you My Business Matches for all your efforts in connecting people at the matchmaking event. I think it was a huge success and your team is an absolute joy to work with."

Rebecca Aguilera-Gardiner, Board Member, The Elite SDVOB Network


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Create a 24/7/365 matchmaking portal

  • Customizable portal to meet the look and feel of your organization
  • Virtual meetings allow a cost effective way to conduct events
  • Allows your Buyers to post opportunities
  • Include attributes in the business opportunities to generate a compatibility score
  • Review Vendor profiles and applications
  • Buyers set up meetings flexible to their schedule

Administrative Access to events/portals

  • Open and close registration
  • Manage your Buyers and Vendors
  • Send E-mail and SMS notifications
  • Assign custom locations
  • Approve or decline participant applications
  • View at a glance registration analytics
  • Download ad-hoc reporting

Manage your events

  • Creating custom registration forms
  • Access mobile technology for check in and badges
  • Include the ability to host sessions/workshops
  • Incorporate multilingual capabilities
  • Capture on-site registration information
  • Pre-schedule meetings
  • Conduct post event/meeting tracking




MBM offers support

  • Run your event with an assigned Project Manager
  • Support your events with MBM toll-free number & live chat support
  • Provide email support
  • Generate event logistics leading up to your event, during and after

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