Solutions for Event Planners

We believe in face-to-face business meetings. My Business Matches empowers clients with a user-friendly online tool to make their business matchmaking events happen. Set up a 24/7 platform, create events, or attend them! Our system is intuitive and integrated, helping your participants to find the right business partner and connect with the better match in just one click.

Create your own personalized event - virtual, onsite or hybrid - reach new opportunities and connect people from all backgrounds.

Use our AI technology to optimize your event, make more accurate matches and create valuable relationships for your users.

Design your own 24/7 event and webinar portal, connect with people worldwide, and develop new opportunities.


Features To Meet Your Goals

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    Works across all devices with no installations or downloads needed.

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    Go live within the hour.

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    Meetings On Demand

    Choose the when and how for your meetings.

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    Cloud Hosted

    Hosted on a safe AWS environment.

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    Compatibility Scoring

    Increase the level of quality matches you make with the Compatibility Scoring, a module integrated into our cloud-based software. Buyers can specify their requirements and let our system find the vendors that match them, which will be posted as a score to both buyers and sellers, making it easier to create more valuable connections.

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    Let's Connect

    Allows event participants to view each other's details, send messages, attach files and even share their screens directly through our system.

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    Customize Your Profile

    Personalize your profile with custom videos, brochures, marketing kits, and logos to match the look and feel of your company. Buyers can also request vendors to upload Business Certifications.

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    Customize Your Events

    Create and personalize your event page as you need: from the agenda, subpages, and custom links, to the content and event locations - everything to provide your participants with as much information as they need.

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    Your participants will receive text or email notifications with event updates and information, such as schedule, agenda, room changes and meeting cancellations. And, as an event planner, you can easily organize the notifications regarding your event.

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    Customize the portal and content of each event to the language of the country where it's being hosted.

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    Virtual Meetings

    There is no need to download any software: our portal is integrated and available to each participant, with open doors to 24/7 matchmaking sessions. Run meetings at any time, from anywhere, one-on-one, or one-to-many.


Integration for Event Planners


How Virtual Meetings Work?

Our system uses AI matchmaking technology to filter, qualify and connect you with the matches that meet your specific requirements. Schedule and attend as many meetings as you'd like, chat with potential partners and close deals all thanks to our platform - with access to our support team at all times. All you have to do is sign up.


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Why MBM is Good Solutions for Event Planners

We rely on innovation and the latest technology, including AI, to filter, qualify and match participants according to their needs and requirements. Our portal is user-friendly and intuitive, and our exceptional customer service is always within reach and ready to help. Discover valuable opportunities through our virtual, hybrid, or onsite events.


Premium Access with MBM Prime

MBM Prime is the largest business matchmaking network in the world. We connect you to great events, serious buyers, and valuable business opportunities - from all sectors. Become a member of our Prime network and gain access to an exclusive range of global and national events, as well as a priority within our customer support.

  • Save money using our technology
  • Increase your contact capability
  • Meet buyers and suppliers globally


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