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We believe in face-to-face business meetings. My Business Matches empowers clients with a user-friendly online tool to make their business matchmaking events happen. Set up a 24/7 platform, create events, or attend them! Our system is intuitive and integrated, helping you find the right business partner and connect with diverse suppliers in just one click.

Access the tools and resources you need to become procurement-ready and increase your visibility. Stay informed and attend events to grow your network and connect with the right opportunities for your goals.

Get access to the latest technology with a customizable platform that uses AI algorithms to match you with buyers and suppliers worldwide that meet your diversity requirements. Schedule meetings, send messages, and stay in the loop about potential opportunities.

Connect with a massive database of experienced vendors from diverse backgrounds and expand your network. Schedule and attend meetings, chat with potential partners and close deals all through our platform.

Get access to the tools and resources for conducting more effective matches by informing, preparing, and helping businesses connect and close deals with the right opportunities.

Use our customizable platform and AI technology to create events and help participants find the business opportunities that are right for their needs.

Match with the most experienced people from all over the world who meet your specific requirements and stay informed about new opportunities.

Connect with diverse suppliers globally, forge new partnerships, and build your network through our always-on platform, with real-time access to events and opportunities.




Seamless integrations with other analytics tools

MBM absolutely works great with tools in your other existing platform.

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With more than 10 years in the business, My Business Matches is the leader in the event engagement sector. We provide matchmaking and virtual experiences to over 2 million users in more than 127 countries, and have partnered with Governments, Fortune 500 Corporations, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Institutions and Small Businesses worldwide. Here are some of our clients:

  • 15B


  • 500K

    face to face meetings

  • +2M


  • 127


  • 18

    US Federal Agencies

Solutions For Your Goals

Organize a Matchmaking Event
Expand your brand's reach, find vendors, and connect people worldwide with events you create.
Event Management Software
A software solution developed by MBM to streamline the process of business matchmaking and create long-lasting connections on a global scale.
Business Intelligence Tool
A premium solution that brings the latest technology to your business matchmaking experience, with 24/7 access to global opportunities.
Attend a Matchmaking Event
Join the events that are right for your needs and grow your network while connecting with the most qualified buyers, suppliers, and funders from all over the world.
Find Buyers
Get access to unique opportunities and connect with the right people by joining events.
Find Vendors
Join events, increase your visibility and discover new opportunities.

Matchmaking Events

Our system's algorithms and AI technology qualify and matches participants according to their specific needs and available opportunities. We give you the tools to increase the return of your investment and add value to your events by creating powerful business connections and expanding your network's reach.

Premium Access with MBM Prime

MBM Prime is the largest business matchmaking network in the world. We connect you to great events, serious buyers, and valuable business opportunities - from all sectors. Become a member of our Prime network and gain access to an exclusive range of global and national events, as well as a priority with our customer support.